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has spent 40 years perfecting our art of tree care services. We have Certified Arborists with the certificates and years of study and training which go along with their distinction as an Arborist. Our Certified Tree Care crews have had, and continue to have, ongoing extensive training and experience. Despite all the education of Arboriculture from classes and instructors, we know the best source of learning is our widely diverse Texas weather.
  • tree removal from home, care or commercial building
  • tree blocking driveways, walkways or home entry
  •  emergency residential, commercial tree services

Anyone who is native to Texas or lived here any amount of time is well acquainted with the extreme weather our state is subject to. Hurricanes, frequent strong thunderstorms, hail, intense lightning flashes and strikes, sustained, damaging winds, flooding  freak ice storms, long hot, fiercely humid summers which pave the way for months of drought. Yes, our weather is not for the faint of heart.

Katy TX Emergency Tree Removal has decades of trimming, eradicating, curing, or removing thousands of trees of every species throughout the state as a result of these weather proclivities. Taking the situation in hand and beginning restoration of your property is a fine-tuned response we provide for all of our customers. One caution we cannot stress enough is Never be tempted to remove broken, damaged, unwieldy branches, limbs, or entire trees yourself! Getting through our frightening weather with our families safe is an enormous relief. Tree Removal in planned, calm circumstances is very dangerous. Tree Removal after the havoc created by violent storms is fraught with difficulty. No one not fully trained and experienced in this work should ever try to make it a "DYI" project. The number of serious injuries and added property damages totaled yearly is a grim testament to the danger of this work. It is simply not worth attempting on your own!

Katy TX Tree Services will be there promptly when we receive your call or email indicating an Emergency tree situation! Our Estimator will assess the extent and severity of damage cautiously and thoroughly. We will never quote you a "one price fits all fee" and then continue adding costs to it. No two emergency tree scenes are exact, so no pre-calculated price is really sensible. We give our clients the dignity of informing them upfront what should be done for immediate safety and any services required to get your home and surroundings back to normal. The following are some conditions taken into account when examining your tree and property damage:

What condition are the tree(s) in?

How Large are the trees?

What is the proximity of any other trees or structures?
Will heavy equipment be necessary-cranes or bucket trucks, for example?

Is the tree able to be climbed?

Katy, Texas Tree Services Estimator will in detail go over the circumstances of the damage, and explain time and costs involved. No work is ever started until you are completely satisfied and aware of the jobs being performed, plus time and cost. There will be services offered that are optional such as:

Stump Grinding & Removal

Firewood Cutting Services

Removal of All Debris

As stated, you will be an informed customer after your Free Quote, and our simple contract assures you there will be no unpleasant surprises later.  Katy TX Emergency Tree Services has built and maintained an enviable reputation of Fair & Affordable Prices, Meticulous, Expert Work, and Outstanding Customer Service. You will be pleased with all initial contact with Katy Tree Services and once the job is complete, you will find your expectations happily exceeded!

We have one goal: to keep our clients for life. We look forward to the privilege of bringing your environment back to a serene, safe haven for your family.

Thank You!

Katy TX Emergency Tree Services


Weather is not the only threat our trees and shrubbery are vulnerable to. Diseases and insect infestation take a vast toll on Texas trees. When these diseases or insect problems are not taken care of quickly, trees which have survived for decades can be decimated in a few short weeks! The Texas Pine Bark Beetle is one alarming example. Tree injuries, incurred through many ways, are any breakage or cuts on the tree's or limbs and branches.  These are actually wounds that leave a tree open to disease, rot, insects, and inevitable killing of the tree.

Katy TX Emergency Tree Services are well-versed and cognizant of the diseases and insect threats to our valuable Texas trees. The foremost protection to take is detecting the problem in early stages. Many trees can be treated and saved-even restored to better health, if proper steps are taken. If you notice any of these symptoms on your trees, call Katy Tree Services as soon as possible. An ounce of prevention is definitely worth a pound of cure in this scenario:

Mushroom-like fungus at base of tree

Cracks on limbs or at tree base

Dead limbs or broken tops of branches

Hollow or damaged-appearing areas on your tree

Sawdust chips near base or roots

                            The Pine Bark beetle here has a voracious appetite and while they are very tiny, they attach themselves to pines in staggering amounts and munch till forests have been decimated!

Pictured here is Oak Gall and poses a serious menace to our stately Oaks.
Below, citrus trees succumb to disease.

Katy TX Tree Services urges you to protect your trees. They are invaluable in so many ways, producing the very oxygen we breathe, besides removing hazardous carbons from the air. Trees give much beauty, shade, many delicious fruits and nuts. They also significantly raise the value of your home and effectively lower cooling costs in the summer, and can save energy in winter months. A schedule of regular, proper maintenance means the difference between lovely, strong trees, or trees dying from neglect of some form.

Katy TX Emergency Tree Services

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