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Firewood Sales/Delivery

Even if a tree has died, it continues to provide many practical uses. Folks with fireplaces, chimeras, wood burning stoves, and the Texas favorite, outdoor grilling and smoking equipment know the truth of that statement! Therefore, Katy TX Tree Services also brings you a variety of sizes and kinds of heating and cooking woods.

Order wood by phone or email, pickup or delivery. We have all the Texas favorites of various Oaks, Pecan, Hickory, Mesquite, if you enjoy cooking or heating with it, we have your wood, at unbeatable prices!

Hardwoods are available here from whole logs for serious outdoor pit barbecuing, to chips, chunks, pellets, all sizes of great cooking wood for terrific taste and aroma are carried at Katy TX  Firewood Sales & Delivery.
Mild, (cherry, and apple), for example, many people prefer for fish and chicken.  Medium woods (oaks, hickories, pecans), are the usual favorites as they work well with all cuts of pork and beef. Mesquite is a very strong aroma wood, favored for briskets, which can take the heavy smoky taste and aroma.

Call or email Katy, Texas Firewood Sales & Delivery for your cookoff, party, or just a small family gathering. We carry the assortment you need at the affordable prices you want to pay!

Katy Firewood Sales & Delivery


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