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Using our Katy Tree Services will help you save money on all your tree removal and tree trimming services in Katy, Texas and surrounding areas. We are fully insured and have worked with residential and commercial customers for over 40 years. Tree cutting is a dangerous job to do and should be done by a professional who has massive amounts of knowledge and experience. Did you know that wrongful tree trimming can kill your trees or disrupt their growth and shape? Our Katy tree removal and tree trimming crews are listed as one of the best to hire in Katy, Texas for their professionalism and friendly service. We work hard to satisfy our clients with low prices and quality work you can be proud of. For free estimate and superior tree cutting company in Katy, Texas call us today!

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Katy Arborist - Certified Tree Trimming - Unmatched Tree Removal Pros - Landscaping Services

Tree Planting Services - Educated Landscapers - Complete Tree & Plant Health Care

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We Provide:
Tree Removal Service Katy TX - Many people require a tree removal service to help with their dangerous, dead, dying or large tree they need removed. Other clients need a tree removed because of new construction or they may need more sunlight to their lawn or gardens. Our Katy tree removal service company can handle any tree you desire to cut with a low price and a superior tree service crew. We work only the best tree cutters Katy, Texas has to offer and use only the newest and safest equipment  the tree care industry has. Call Katy Tree Service for your insured and superior tree company.

Tree Trimming Company Katy Texas - Tree Trimming can affect many things in your lawn or gardens. They also change the outlook to your home drasticly. Did you know that wrongful tree cutting or trimming services can kill or damage growth to your trees? That's right, if a limb or branch is cut improperly then diseases or bugs could start attacking your trees structural core. Many residential and commercial clients in Katy use our tree pruning and trimming services to help keep their trees looking beautiful and living longer. Our Katy tree trimming services will trim the dead, raise the outer canopy, prune out the inside growth, and beautify your trees at a low price. Call us today for your free quote and outstanding service.

Katy TX:

Certified Arborist - Will Diagnose, cure, preserve, treat, spray, tree plant, proper prune & trim your trees and fertilize for health and proper growth functions.

Tree Pruning - Clipping, cutting & directing tree growth

Tree Shaping - Round over, cut back and correct tree structure

Tree Spraying - Spray trees for diseases, bug infestation and tree bacteria

Tree Fertilizing - Deep root tree injection, tree feeding and growth minerals

Tree Debris Removal & Hauling - Limbs, branches, logs, sticks and fallen debris

Stump Grinding -

Lot Clearing -
Land Cleared -
Pine Tree Removal -
Dead Trees Cut
Tree Cutting Service
Limbs Trimmed
Branches Cut
Shrubs Trimmed
Emergency Tree Removal Service
Landscaping & Katy Landscapers
Firewood Services

Full Tree Cutting Service In Katy Texas

Did you Know there is a massive pine beetle infestation around Katy and Houston, TX? Protect your trees by having a free survey of them to visually inspect their health an help keep them living longer. Because of the dry weather, Houston and Katy has made pine beetles attack more pines then usaual. Spraying your pine trees with pine beetle preventative spray will keep them living longer and help guard them against infestation. Pine beetles can kill a pine tree within (2) weeks of being attacked, so protect your trees before death for them comes calling.

We offer Katy tree removal, tree cutting, tree pruning, lot clearing, debris removal, dead tree removal, pine tree removal, tree fertilizing, spraying and custom trimming services.

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